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Hawksen Corporation-Premier Quality with Fast Delivery & Pay Less
It's our pleasure to establish this new channel of communication with you. We're looking forward to the development of a closer relationship with you via this web. Hawksen Corporation was established in Houston, Texas. It aims to become a master distributor of top quality stainless steel welded tubes and pipes and other stainless related products for the users of every stage in the United States.             

Our products strategy is focused of providing a complete line of stainless steel welded tubes, pipes, sheets, plates, pipe fittings and valves. The applications for those products can apply to chemical plant, petro-chemical plant, pulp & paper, food & beverage plant, water transport system, power plant, mechanical facilities, window, stand, gate, furniture, auto-parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle, exhaust system, rail, tent, and more. We intend to offer full range of commonly used sizes. Specialty sizes and alloy grade products developed along with market demand also welcome for your request.                                                                                                                

Our marketing strategy is to vertically integrate the distribution chain that we have observed in the industry. We thrive to bring to the market top quality stainless steel welded tubes, pipes and other related products with competitive pricing, fast delivery and personalized services.                                                                                                

Our team has over 20 years of knowledge and expertise in this industry. With our experiences and insistence of the quality, we are confident that our products will highly reach your requirements.                                                                                              

Furthermore, we have our partners of leading manufacturers in the world, and with this advantage, we can provide global class product and local closeness service to you. We shall continue in maintaining the standard as meeting the highest quality of management and social responsibility, as well as respecting our natural environment.
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